Hello! 👋

My name is Raymond.


I'm the founder, engineer &marketer at wisp.

I started wisp because I got sick of upgrading my blog's code for the third time and pushing code whenever I wanted to write new content.

Now, I want to help other founders and builders build their brand and audience through storytelling.

With wisp, I'm committed to building a sustainable, long-lasting business that puts our users first.

wisp is proudly bootstrapped, which means we have the freedom to focus on what truly matters: creating value for our customers.

Our ethos

1. Generous free plans

I believe in letting you fully experience wisp before making a decision.

And, you can continue to use wisp for free if you attribute us.

2. Fair, usage-based pricing

You only pay for what you use, with full control over your costs.

And, if you are just resource crunched or hate paying for subscriptions (just as I do), there is a generous lifetime indie hacker pass just for you.

3. Building for the many, not the few

I prioritize features that benefit our entire user base.

4. Try before you request

We welcome feedback, but only ask that you use wisp before suggesting changes.

I'm a proud solopreneur building in public - and I write about the journey on wisp's build-in-public blog.

Connect with me via Twitter, LinkedIn or Email!