Celebrating 100 Users: Journey and Future Plans

24 June 2024

I'm thrilled to announce that wisp has reached a significant milestone - 100 users!

I'm incredibly grateful to our early adopters who joined us for the beta program and helped shape the product. As I celebrate this achievement, I want to share my journey, what I've learned, and my exciting plans for wisp's future.

My Mission: Empowering Storytellers

As the founder of wisp, I'm more committed than ever to helping people tell their stories. My focus is on supporting makers, solopreneurs, and startup founders - the innovators who are constantly experimenting with different strategies to land their first customers.

As an indie hacker myself, I'm on a similar journey. I'm using content marketing to attract wisp's first customers, and I'm excited to share my experiments - both successes and failures - with my audience.

By dogfooding my own product, I'm not just building wisp. I'm living it.

Lessons Learned and Future Improvements

This journey has taught me valuable lessons about my customers and their needs. I'm using these insights to make wisp even better, ensuring you get the most value from the platform.

One key area I'm focusing on is content distribution. I'm adopting a "distribution-first" approach to content creation. This means considering where and how content will be shared even before it's written. My goal is to ensure that every piece of content finds its audience and provides value - whether to my paying customers or potential users.

Exciting New Features

To support this distribution-first philosophy, I'm developing new features to help you get your content in front of your target audience. I believe that great content deserves to be read, and I'm committed to helping you maximize your reach.

Introducing WISP's Pricing Plans

To mark this milestone, I'm excited to announce wisp's pricing structure for the first time. I've designed three plans to cater to different needs within our community:

  1. Free Plan: I'm committed to offering the most generous free tier amongst all the CMS'es. This plan provides access to most features, with some rate limits on some more resource intensive features. All I ask is for a small "Powered by WISP" disclaimer at the bottom of your blog posts.

  2. Team Plan: Priced at $8 per user per month, this plan is perfect for growing teams managing content across their websites.

  3. Indie Hacker Pass: A special offer for solo founders and indie hackers like myself. This is a lifetime pass for a single user, offering the same benefits as our pro-tier plan. It's a one-time payment, valid as long as the team size remains one user.

Looking Ahead

As I move forward, I'll be refining wisp's marketing strategy and go-to-market approach based on the lessons I've learned. I'm excited to share this journey with all my subscribers and continue to grow alongside my community of makers and founders.

Thank you for being part of the wisp story.

Here's to the next 100 users and beyond!

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